I built the universe in you


what good are emotions if you cannot save the woman you love?


Disney Princesses realizing they’re in love {requested by xflora}


2/ sad moments of spn ↠ dean realizes he wants to live

  • sää aamulla: Hei on aika kylmä ehkä sun kannattais laittaa takki ja villapaita?
  • sää päivällä: Hähää vittu kusetin teitä kaikkia

“The boy who lived… come to die.”

Anonymous asked: "15, 16, 28, 29"

oh the most horrible questions, how’d you pick those?

15.Smoke weed? & 16.Do any hard drugs?

No and never would.

28.Do you sing in the shower? & 29.Do you dance in the car?

sometimes. I sing pretty often when I’m alone. I do stupid little dances but not in the car, nope.

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